My world of illusion

            A good digital citizen is a person who does not bully, or swear when using a social digital devise, such as a cell phone, social websites, and instant messaging (IM).  A good citizen is kind, treats people with respect, doesn’t cyber-bully, and doesn’t steel music or movies without the artist’s permission. You should be a good digital citizen because there will be less cyber bullying, there will be less people steeling music or movies, and more people just paying the price that is wanted.

             The internet would be better because more people would be good citizens so more people would use the internet so the internet company’s would get more money for all of the users using the websites and so the people working there will get more money for doing their jobs so they will be happier. People shouldn’t use cruel language because it could hurt people’s feelings. The digital and real world could be a better place if everyone abided by the rules of the web. The web is a community that needs to work together to create a better place. We need to stop the bad people so the next generation of young people will have a safe place work and play.