My world of illusion
Hello and welcome to my magnificent webpage. Here you will find a variety of information. The three main pages are "Academics" where all of my achievements will be displayed in the subject it belongs to, and "About Me" is the page about me in and out of school. On the "Resources" page there will be all of the links that I use in school that I think are helpful. I named my webpage “my world of illusion” because the world is full of different types of illusions. I have created this webpage because I wanted to display my achievements and let people know about me. I invite you to leave comments. Please enjoy!

3/14/2011 07:54:24 am

Hi Maddie! I just came to check out your website. I am impressed so far and look forward to seeing more. Maybe you will feel like posting more of the poems you wrote... I hope so! I can't wait to come back and see what's new!


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