My world of illusion

            Appreciation is when people care about their surroundings. They notice the small details that are around them. Artists, lovers of nature, people who are older and have life experiences, and those who take the time to look around them all have appreciation. Among those who show appreciation are Martin Luther King, Jr., Picasso, and Theodore Roosevelt. Ponyboy in the book The Outsiders by S.E.Hinton shows appreciation throughout the story.

            First, Ponyboy is appreciative when he is at the church reading Gone with the Wind to Johnny. While they are at the church, they have of free time to spend with nothing to do but read and play poker. Johnny really wants to read Gone with the Wind, but he doesn’t know how to read, so Ponyboy offers to read it to him. While he is reading to Johnny, he thinks to himself, “It amazed me how Johnny could get more meaning out of some of the stuff than I could,” (pg.  75). Johnny is enjoying the book as it is being read.

            Next, Ponyboy is also appreciative when he thinks of the different groups of people at the drive in theater. He is at the theater with Dally and Johnny to see a free movie, when Dally notices the two girls. The two girls are Cherry and Marcia. Johnny and Ponyboy sit with them talking about the two different groups of people, how they are both similar and both have problems, Ponyboy has just begun to understand the life of a Soc. It then hits him that “Maybe the two different worlds we lived in weren’t so different. We saw the same sunset,” (pg. 41)  He believes that that some Socs are nice and that they could live in peace but he doesn’t quite trust them yet.

            Finally, Ponyboy is appreciative when he observes nature outside of the church. Ponyboy and Johnny are staying at an abandon church on top of a hill. While they are there, they read and play poker. On this morning Ponyboy and Johnny wake up early in the morning to watch “the clouds changed from grey to pink, and the mist was touched with gold,” (pg77). Just for a minute, they sit and watch the beautiful colors of the morning sky. Ponyboy likes this moment so much that he  thinks to himself, “I sighed, wishing I had some paint to do a picture with while the sight is still fresh in my mind,” (pg77). Pony boys appreciation for nature is strong.

             In conclusion, throughout the book Ponyboy shows appreciation. Ponyboy knows that he is different from the rest of the gang and he knows that Johnny is too. He shows appreciation when he thinks about the two very different groups of people, the Socs and the Greasers, when he watches the fog and mist on the hill behind the church and when he reads Gone with the Wind. If he didn’t appreciate, then he would have been the same as all of the other boys in the gang that got into trouble all of the time. He would have dropped out of school, and he would have also jumped and stole from other people.  I sometimes take the time to appreciate my surroundings but not always. When I am at the beach or on top of a tall hill or mountain, I try take a couple of minutes to stand still, breath the fresh air, and feel the cool breeze on my face but not always. Sometimes, I find it boring to look out at the scenery. Because of appreciation, I can appreciate other people and life.

I also wrote a poem called Ballance based on the picture to the right.


By Madeline Casper

He stands alone,

Beneath the arch,

Under the midnight moon.

He is divided by light and dark,

With a silver string joining the two as one,

Keeping balance between them,

Like weights on a scale.

It must be balanced.

He stands alone,

No one is near,

Under the midnight moon.

Though he is surrounded,

By counter parts,

With the weight of the world on his shoulders.

It must be balanced,

But he is strong,

Under the midnight moon.

This another thing I did this was make three goals to help me get better at English, they were:

1.       To turn in my homework in on time

2.       To share more in discussions

3.       To be able to write in more detail

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    My Mandala
     I drew my mandala based on things that I know and love. I decided to put on those symbols on because they were meaningful to me. The fire stands for all of the anger and frustration in my life. The hummingbird stands for me, an individual, unique in my own way. The pine trees stand for my love of nature. The snake represents my ability to launch a sneak attack on my friends. The blending shy colors represent all of the mixed emotions in my life. The Marigold stands for my growing friendships that I have.